Scan & Display

Document Search, Retrieval & View

Once scanned, documents can (optionally) be stored within PaperLite PDF, our online document management system. PaperLite PDF is a web service based solution (works under a web browser securely across the network and/or internet). Uniquely, it is based on an innovative architecture of ‘metadata’ and ‘content search’ rather than traditional and cumbersome file plans or unwieldy folder hierarchies (e.g. shared drives) as with other, less efficient document or file management approaches. 

PaperLite PDF provides instant searching, finding, filtering and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring not to mention metadata management and document expiry & version control – everything needed and immediately to hand to enable real data, document & record management. 

With PaperLite PDF, customers can quickly and easily find, retrieve & view the documents they require in a few mouse clicks from any location. This is an obvious advantage over paper based systems in that this allows access to information without having to physically travel to the location that holds a physical record. 

PaperLite PDF provides granular security & control over who has access to what documents, when and the actions they can perform. And it provides the in-built ability to track and report (audit) on who has accessed what and when as well as the actions taken (e.g. access, print, export, etc). 

PaperLite PDF is an innovative approach to scanned records & document management. It significantly improves system performance, increases program flexibility and reduces licensing, programming and maintenance costs for each department and every organisation.

Scanning the paper is the first step. Making the documents instantly available online is the next. Then there is a real paperlite solution. From paper to on screen access all managed for you – fast, simple, economic. Find, retrieve and view your scanned documents instantly from any location, securely and safely. So no more paper chase - just fast, accessible document viewing on screen.

Your documents managed for on screen, online operations. No quibble, no hassle, best value. Guaranteed.