Scan & Discover

Content Identification & Compliance services

Using the most advanced technologies, tools and techniques (Content Analytics) we can automate the discovery of specific text within any scanned document for the purposes of metadata capture, text redaction and GDPR compliance

This means that if key information (metadata) needs to be found & extracted across any document corpus, that metadata can be extracted and used for purposes of classification or workflow triggers. 

Alternatively, if any text content within a document(s) needs to be redacted (censored) then this can occur too. 

And with the new EU/UK Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018 (GDPR), any paper containing personal data of employees, customers, etc must be digitised and discovered. 

With GDPR, no organisation can avoid digitising all paper that may contain personal data.  And having scanned it, you need to discover the exact existence of that personal data (What, Why, When, How, Where, Who) so you can take the first step to GDPR compliance. 

Being able to Find, Classify & Monitor all scanned paper containing personal data is critical to GDPR management. So we are offering an innovative solution that is the most automated, easy to use and robust approach to GDPR Discovery. 

GDPR Discovery is as simple as paper scanning and it will save every organisation significant time and money in becoming 'PaperSafe' with the new GDPR.

Once we have scanned your documents, there’s a lot more we can achieve because we can find any text content for whatever your purpose. For instance, to automatically capture document categories or descriptions (metadata), or identify and redact information that needs to be deleted or anonymised, or comply with legal requirements like GDPR. So no more hidden paper risk - just automated text discovery and management.

Your documents managed for discovery operations. No quibble, no hassle, best value. Guaranteed.