Scan & Deliver

Document Capture & Scanning

We convert paper documents into digital files using state-of-the-art data capture equipment and sensitive document scanning and imaging processes. Once created, the image is indexed (i.e. metadata is extracted) using the latest software technology where appropriate or hand keyed, matching the data to a customer data base where appropriate. OCR can also be applied to enable text content searching. The scanned documents and their indexed information (metadata) can then be delivered to the customer in a variety of formats for local access via any document sharing or management system as the customer prefers. 

From collection of boxes containing the files to be digitised right through to return delivery of the scanned & indexed digital documents, we provide a complete, secure service: 

  • All work necessary to prepare files for scanning
  • Scan of paper documents of all kinds & sizes
  • Index by the agreed criteria for metadata capture
  • Undertake in-line, end-to-end quality control
  • Output in the format required (e.g. Tiff, PDF, etc) 

Scan House offers a highly secure, safe environment in which to manage customer documents using strict quality assurance procedures. All Scan House operations and processes are aligned to all the industry standards like BS 10008:2014 (evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information), ISO 9000 quality assurance and ISO 27001 risk management.

Whatever the paper – from tiny receipts right through to A5, A4, A3 and on to large format - we will scan efficiently and economically, index the document details and/or make it searchable quickly and accurately. And then deliver in whatever format you prefer. So no more paper jam - just fast, accessible digital documents.

Your documents managed for paperlite operations. No quibble, no hassle, best value Guaranteed.