X-Ray Digitisation

X-Ray Scanning is one of the many areas in which Scan House specialise and we have scanned x-rays of both DPA and NDT films for a number of different clients over the years.

We provide this service to help enhance your procedures and the way your organisation works. We constantly update our high-tech scanners and our experienced and professional staff are what have made us one of the most popular providers within the scanning services industry. This is because of our efficiency, passion and pride in what we do and the services that we provide.

Modernising and improving efficiency in a quick, simple and cost effective way.

NDT Radiograph Digitisation is for industrial films

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates ageing of films, retaining image quality
  • Physical archive storage to computer data cabinets
  • Deliverables are electronic data media with 25-50 years of data life
  • Associated documents such as UT, MPI and associated reports can also be archived
  • Full traceability is integral to the system, with tamper-proof designing at each stage
  • Radiographs can be electronically reported and archived
  • Online information at different PCs in different parts of world
  • The electronic information along with DR3000 browser package can be used to efficiently carry out plant integrity assessment
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Allows the recovery of valuable sliver from within the film


DPA Digitisation is for medical films 

What are the advantages of X-Ray Scanning?

Having x-rays scanned can help in a number of different ways:

X-Ray digitisation can improve the productivity of the radiology department.

With fully digitised x-rays, you can view them at any time from any computer connected to the network, computer or hard-drive that holds the images. This makes searching for and viewing the images a fast process and one that can make a big difference.

Off-site diagnosis can be made and increases the accuracy of the medical interpretations.

If you need the opinion of a professional who isn’t currently on site or works elsewhere, the digital documents can be simply emailed over or even viewed remotely. This saves considerable time and the extra opinion can make all the difference to the outcome of your diagnosis.

Reducing costs

The ability to organise your X-Ray films more efficiency

We can index your scanned x-rays by categories of your choice to make them easier to find. They can be named by patient name or reference number or in any other way you can think of. This allows the films to be much easier to find and view, saving time and costs.

Reclaiming valuable space

Over time x-rays can take up a lot of room and are more often than not stored away in a large room within the premises. With our x-ray scan services you can save all of this space by storing your x-rays virtually. This could mean that the hard copy versions can now be disposed of if you so wish. The freed up space can be used for other important storage or many other uses which could be beneficial to your organisation.

Better image quality

We scan x-rays at a very high resolution which enables more details to be seen than could possibly have seen before on a lightbox which makes diagnosis all the easier.

Silver Recovery

Silver recovery. Silver recovery is the process by which pure metallic silver can be recycled from old x-ray films. The modern process is extremely efficient with recovery of greater than 99.9% silver. Historically all radiographic film media employed silver salts as part of the image-producing process. This allows the recovery of the silver from the film and can potentially generate our customers a rebate.

NDT Radiograph Digitisation for industrial films

- DPA Digitisation for medical films 

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