PaperLite PDF

Search, Retrieve & View PDF documents instantly online

PaperLite PDF is an innovative, affordable and complete solution for online viewing of PDF documents. With a powerful Search Portal and built-in PDF Viewer, PaperLite PDF provides an easy-to-use and engaging experience to every user and peace-of-mind to every organisation wanting an elegant yet economic solution to their PDF document management. PaperLite PDF is a web service based solution which works under any standard web browser securely across your network and the internet. 

Fast Search & Find

The Search Portal provides an Instant Search (‘google-like’) function as well as an Advanced Find to enable users to directly and quickly access the PDF documents they want. Users can search, find, filter & retrieve PDF documents via metadata (document classifications, categories & descriptive labelling) and/or full text content search, and also via information fed into the system from other customer data sources. There is also a Custom Search function so users can easily create and then store more complex searches using metadata terms and Boolean operators (And, Or, And Not and Or Not) so they can rerun them in the future. 

Powerful built-in PDF viewing

  • Full screen display of a PDF document
  • Displays thumbnails of all pages in a PDF document
  • Word search within the document with hit highlighting
  • Next/Previous click though the document
  • Zoom within a page
  • Print, Download locally
  • No need for any other PDF software 

Secure Access Management

Fully granular security is provided as standard. User interfaces, system components, functions within each component and even data items, documents, content and metadata attributes can be restricted via user role or group to manage access to data, documents and content for specific users, groups, departments or purposes. 

  • Secure user login
  • Complete user password (change/forgotten password, email confirmation)
  • Extensive user access management provides the ability to securely manage who sees what content
  • Complete record, document and data security ensures system integrity and resilience
  • An ‘every action is audited’ approach ensures control & traceability for compliance with all standards and guidelines 

Full PDF Document Management

  • Version control, expiry/retention management and detailed auditing
  • Store records, documents and data in one secure, centralised store where every transaction is recorded and auditable

Search across multiple PDFs to find & view the ones you want

  • You can search across multiple PDFs by their metadata
  • Metadata of any kind can be assigned to a PDF – classifications, categories, descriptive labelling – whatever is most appropriate
  • If the file names are meaningful, they can be used as metadata – but if they’re not, it doesn’t constrain you because other (meaningful) metadata can be applied
  • You can compare results to choose the most relevant PDFs for your purpose 

Search across and within multiple PDFs to find & view the ones you want

  • You can search across multiple PDFs by their text content
  • You can search by any word or phrase that might exist in the PDFs
  • In the search results, you can see instances of the word or phrase in context without having to open each PDF individually
  • You can compare results to choose the most relevant PDFs for your purpose
  • In opening a PDF, each instance of the word or phrase is then automatically listed within the chosen PDF (hit highlighting)