Secure Document Storage

Our Clients are the foundation of our business. Ensuring that we do what we say we are going to is crucial to us. Effective Customer service makes a real difference in today’s increasingly competitive market, strengthening client loyalty and building trust.

Every organisation faces the problem of storing documents at one time or another. Our dedicated document storage facility removes that problem, ensuring your documents are both secure and easily retrieved.

Expensive office space can be freed, clutter reduced and office efficiency increased with our convenient delivery and collection service, bar code identification and document storage services. This means you can focus on getting on with business. 

Complete Information Management

Access to documents is controlled through a bespoke secure online document management system. The document storage system allows authorised users to search and retrieve both physical and imaged items, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Retrieval & Collection

Our record archiving, retrieval and collection services are extremely flexible and can be molded to your requirements to include next day, same day or emergency deliveries both in physical or digital form.

Secure Storage

Our document storage facilities are secured using the latest intruder and fire detection systems which operate within and exceed many recommendations for stored documents including BS 5454.


Our storage and retrieval systems are fully audit-able giving you transparency and trace-ability of your records, keeping you in control.

Our storage facilities and operations are fully automated with the most advanced document warehouse management system in the industry. The location, movement, inventory and status of every box and file is known in real-time and fully audited. From the moment we collect or receive your documents through the various processes of storage, retrieval, preparation, scanning and return, we track every single step and every action. Nothing is left to chance or risk and every box, file and document is treated with care and respect. We never forget or lose sight of the fact that they are your documents.