Document Scanning

There are a number of reasons why organisations are beginning to realize the value of scanning document. As technology moves forward, a paperless office can seem an appealing prospect for many businesses. Scanning is an effective way to preserve your documents while also saving storage space.

Digitizing your records also makes your files much easier to track and retrieve, saving you considerable time and money. And, while scanned documents can improve ease of access, it can also heighten document security.

The use of market leading technology allows us to build a solution that caters for your exact scanning needs, giving us the flexibility of customizing projects to your own internal systems/auditing needs. After initial consultation, to make sure the project is exactly to your requirements and only when all parties concerned are happy will scanning commence.

We are able to take advantage of the latest technology that can classify and extract data from any document, regardless of type, content or format. This enables us to transform scanned documents into structured information allowing us to provide a cost effective and accurate digitizing for our customers.

  • HR files
  • Credit & loyalty card application forms
  • Direct debit mandates
  • Patient records
  • Student registration forms
  • Student records
  • Paper archives
  • Historical manuscripts
  • Books

These are just a few document types we scan on a daily basis.

Once scanned, images and data can be provided in any format to suit your own internal document requirements. We are accessible to you through various methods, including SFTP, FTP, online hosting and encrypted storage media.

To see how we could improve the efficiency of your office processes with electronic document scanning, simply give our team a call or contact us online to organise a free consultation or visit to one of our sites.

Good paper scanning requires good equipment, of course. But great scanning needs expertise and experience. You need to know what can go wrong or be awkward every bit as much as how things should go right. Scanning is a science but it can also be an art of the possible. Careful preparation and efficient workflows make for more productive operations (and keep the costs down). So when IT comes digitisation, it pays to work with people who have proven knowhow and who care about the quality of the output not just the quantity of the throughout.