Summarising Medical Records

The ‘summary’ is the process of summarising a patient’s electronic and paper notes in an accurate, comprehensive and chronological order. It includes, significant past medical history, continuing problems, key diagnoses, allergies, operations, procedures, investigations, child protection and mental health register indicators.

Whilst ideally clinicians are best placed to summarise a patient’s record, this can be impracticable and therefore, Scan House trained staff can carry out the summarising of notes on behalf of the Practice. 

Monthly Subscription Service:

The monthly subscription is designed to provide a scheduled monthly service that ensures all practice summarisation is kept up to date throughout the year with the added benefit of spreading the cost over equal monthly payments. 

Benefits of an Accurate Summarisation Service by Scan House:

  • Allows current and future clinicians to deliver medical care safely and efficiently without having to look at any other past background information or to refer again to the paper record
  • The on-going management and most significant clinical information for the patient can be readily identified on screen
  • Ease of access for all current, new and temporary practice staff, particularly locums, to patient details
  • Enables production of computerised insurance reports/referral letters etc. thus saving clinician time
  • Facilitates generation and upkeep of disease registers
  • Improved data quality and accessibility of data
  • Improves patient care
  • Data will then be available for upload to the spine in a compatible format for use in the Summary Care Record
  • Improves efficiency and reduces duplication of work Improves medicine management
  • Assists in the implementation of recalls Reduces duplication of data entry and procedures Meet CQC standards
  • Maximise QOF
  • Costs spread monthly over the year
  • Pay by Direct Debit

How Does it Work:

  • On a set day each Month, Scan House will collect the records for summarisation from the practice
  • We will prepare the records by opening the record and make sure that all information in the record related to that patient being summarised
  • Sort the record into chronological order and making “Scan Ready”
  • The records will be digitised and passed through QA
  • The records will be summarised and uploaded to the clinical system. (user log-on required)
  • Checks will take place to confirm accuracy
  • Original paper records can be returned (if required) at the same time as the next scheduled collection
  • Records can be confidentially destroyed on written authorisation if required
  • This is repeated monthly for the duration of the agreement. If there are extra records required for summarisation throughout the agreement, these can be charged additionally on a pro rata basis
  • Roll over unused allocation for 1 month
  • Spread the costs with a 12-month subscription paid monthly by direct debit

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