ED CAS Card Scanning

With ever increasing demand on NHS Emergency Departments across the UK., the amount of paperwork generated is exploding. Emergency Departments (ED) produce documentation for each patient visit, as the number of patients increase on a daily basis, so does the paperwork associated with it.

Scan House provides a digitisation service for the scanning of ED CAS cards that eases the pressure on the Emergency Department infrastructure.

Our Service

  • We collect the CAS cards from the Emergency Department Stores
  • We catalogue the dates collected
  • We prepare and scan the ED CAS cards, indexing them by hospital number and date of attendance (additional indexing can be provided to suit requirements)
  • We OCR the documents to make them fully searchable
  • The digitised ED Cards are uploaded to the Hospital system to easy & controlled access

  • Scan House offer a wealth of experience in scanning Electronic Health Records.
  • Our scanning solution is totally portable which means we can upload the scanned images to any platform.
  • We offer flexible solutions to meet exacting requirements and budgets